California State University, Los Angeles, Lecturer

Undergraduate Level Courses

  • ECON 2020: Macroeconomics

  • ECON 3060: Statistics for Business Analysis and Decision Making

University of California, Irvine, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Graduate Level Courses

  • Econ 210E First-year Ph.D.-level Macroeconomics II

  • Econ 210F First-year Ph.D.-level Macroeconomics III

Undergraduate Level Courses

  • Econ 165: International Trade and Commercial Policy

  • Econ 100B: Intermediate Economics II

  • Econ 100A: Intermediate Economics I

  • Econ 20AB: Introduction to Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Mills College, Lecturer

Graduate Level Courses

  • MGMT 264: Econometrics and Forecasting for MBA and MPP

  • MGMT 281/PPOL 201 Statistics for MBA and MPP

Undergraduate Level Courses

  • ECON 164: Econometrics and Business Forecasting

  • ECON 81: Introduction to Statistics

University of California, Davis, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Graduate Level Courses

  • ARE 240B: First-year Ph.D.-level Econometric Methods

Undergraduate Level Courses

  • ARE 155: Operations Research and Management Science

  • ARE 106: Econometric Theory and Applications

  • Math 21A,21B,21C: First-year calculus